An excerpt of a story I’m working on.

An elderly man who ate a savory smelling rice dish looked in at them. The woman waved him away as though he were familiar.

The woman studied her, turned her hand, and was quiet. “You are long from your family. You live your life as if it’s available to give for free, because above all you will not be selfish. But you will have been.”

When the woman informed her of her future life, she said Florence would, “have a great love and it would fail.” Florence whisked the unhappy possibility to nonsense and waited patiently for the reading to conclude.

Her hand felt ashamed and she tucked it into her pocket, feeling the ticket. Florence gave no indication of caring either way about the reading. She went back out into the stadium and walked to the exit passing statues of gods who seemed to be posed to look out into the horizon, but for one, which looked down scowling as people walked by.

L.C.Stair Photography

L.C.Stair Photography