Music Reviews

I’m really into the War on Drugs lately. The album An Ocean In Between the Waves is mesmerizing, like the way drawing with oil pastels feels. “Disappearing” and “Under The Pressure” are my favorite songs to write to these days.

I like musicians who play like they’re in it for the craft not the recognition. Really though, what I think is irrelevant. We’ve all got to be ourselves and that’s cool enough, at least that’s what I tell my kids and myself.

In conclusion, this band is good for listening to while wearing headphone and contemplating writing stories.



Let’s celebrate the upcoming release of a new Modest Mouse album with a lesser known band, Ugly Casanova. This song is one of my all time favorite songs. My, “if I were on a desert island and could only take 10 songs” song. There is an emotion in this song; from his lyrics, his voice and melody that make me feel. And music with feeling is magic.

My friends and I worshiped Modest Mouse in 1997/1998. They went to see them in Baton Rouge, at a bar and hung out with the band. They split pitchers of beer and played pool. My BF received a phone message on her answering machine the next day; it was Issac, calling her to say he had fun with her. –How cool is that?


Beard’s Hollow


Beard’s Hollow takes you to a descriptive place where music is loud and full of meaty noise. With impossible-to-sit-still-through melodies and heavy guitar duos, their music migrates between feelings of nostalgia or joy in a wooded-wondered fuzzy-rock forest.

Beard’s Hollow is a Pacific Northwest band out of Olympia, WA. They are long time friends that have played music together since the early 90’s in garages (where they still play) and in swampy town bars, like No Name Lounge, of Louisiana. Their songs are original. Two brothers alternate between guitar, bass and singing – both love pedals. The drummer keeps it fast and surprises you with his drum-punch. Beard’s Hollow was raised on beer, Dinosaur Jr., and Granddaddy.

Listen to Secret Summers and feel like you need to be driving down back road highways. The song kicks in at about 1 minute, where you’ll find that your ride, which was a fairly nice road trip vehicle, just became a bad ass muscle car.

In Unholy Oaks the drummer uses a combination of electronic and old school drumming while the brothers guitar playing dances around one another like schools of fish. Hearing them play live makes you realize they shower crowds with loud, thick mist of noise that feels like baby rabbit fur and taste like a nice porter brew.


Wild Belle

Wild Belle Album Cover

Wild Belle makes my mind go tropical. I’m sitting near a poolside, overlooking the ocean with a warm breeze against my bare legs and bare shoulders.  Their music is a stew made of Reggae, Big Band, Paul Simon, Annie Lennox and Etta James. Her voice is creamy and has a crackle that I want to invade my head. Having played the alto saxophone in the fifth and sixth grade, I can safely say I despise the saxophone. However, her brother, playing the baritone sax is forgiven. This time. Somehow her voice and the depth of his sax, with the 80’ish feeling digital sounds, rock in a satisfying way.


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