100 word stories



Little boy, you headbang to the right music, even though you are two years old. You play your ukulele like a guitar rock star. Your eyelashes are long and your round body is so fun to hold. Having a chance to experience cuteness almost every second of my time with you, is worth the hard work and effort teaching you. You had a hair cut today. I had a coffee frappe’ with whip cream. You snuck a sip of some off the table where I left it.  I pretended not to notice. We work well together. I love you.


The water was up to my shins. I stood beneath a bright big moon that illuminated the pond around me. I did not like the mud between my toes. Worse was the way the plants brushed against me. I walked toward the river edge where he lay comfortable on the grass with his forearm rested on his forehead. We are so comfortable together that silence isn’t silent, our every glance talks volumes. The way his head slowly looked at me told me he’s happy. The comfort and intelligence I feel from him is inspiring and keeps me calm and wise.